The Murderers Shopping List

Alternate Titles: 살인자의 쇼핑목록, Salinjaui Syopingmoglog, Murderer’s Shopping List, The Shopping List of a Killer, The Murderer's Shopping List

The Murderers Shopping List
Although Ahn Dae-seong has an excellent memory and perseverance, he still cannot pass the civil servant exam for several years. With the support of his mother and his policewoman girlfriend, he does not give up trying and is still working part-time at his mother’s store on the outskirts of Seoul. When a murder occurs in the neighborhood, Dae-son finds out that the only clue that will help to identify the criminal is a receipt from their store. One day, a dead body is found at an apartment near the supermarket. Finding this murder odd, Dae-sung, his mother, and his girlfriend Ah-hee gather around to find the real murderer, starting by looking through the receipts of the market.

Most Recent Episode: The Murderers Shopping List Season 1 Episode 8: The Hero (Air Date: 5/19/2022)

Premiere Date: April 27, 2022
Casts: Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Sul Hyun, Jin Hee Kyung
Air Time: 10:30 pm
Country: KR
Air Day: Wednesday

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The Killers Shopping List | Official Trailer | CJ ENM

The Killer's Shopping List | Official Trailer | CJ ENM

[1차 티저] 계산대에 있는 상품들이 좀.. 이상하다..?! 슈퍼(마켓) 코믹 수사극 곧 커밍-쑨 #[수목]살인자의쇼핑목록 EP.0

[1차 티저] 계산대에 있는 상품들이 좀.. 이상하다..?! 슈퍼(마켓) 코믹 수사극 곧 커밍-쑨 #[수목]살인자의쇼핑목록 EP.0

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