Embrace Love

Alternate Titles: 拥抱未来的你, Yong Bao Wei Lai De Ni, You Who Embrace the Future

Embrace Love
Yan Mo, a female star living in the future world, unexpectedly developed a rare blood disease. The only person who could save her was Gu Yanzhi, a talented scientist living in modern times. In order to get Gu Yanzhi's blood, Yan Mo traveled to modern times and tried every means to approach Gu Yanzhi, only to find that to obtain qualified blood, an emotional factor must be produced in Gu Yanzhi's body. However, in the process of "instructing" Gu Yanzhi to love, Yan Mo and Gu Yanzhi were attracted to each other, which changed their fate and triggered the butterfly effect. Thus, their lives were about to come to an end. Gu Yanzhi and Yan Mo tried to retrieve the situation, but when they started over, what choice would they make between love and life? Yan Mo, a superstar from the future, suffers from a rare blood disease, and she discovers that the only person who can save her is Gu Yan Zhi, a genius scientist living in modern times. Yan Mo travels to the past (our modern age) only to find that if she wants to obtain his blood, she has to generate emotional reactions in Gu Yan Zhi's body. However, in the process of "teaching" Gu Yan Zhi how to feel, they fall for each other. But what will happen when they realize that their love changes the trajectories of their respective destinies, and that between their lives and their love they can only have one? Will they embrace love?

Most Recent Episode: Embrace Love Season 1 Episode 20: Episode 20 (Air Date: 10/8/2023)

Premiere Date: September 30, 2023
Air Time: 6:00 pm
Country: CN
Air Day: Monday
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