Disrupt & Dismantle

Disrupt & Dismantle
Disrupt & Dismantle follows Soledad O’Brien as she tackles injustices across the nation affecting the Black community, from police brutality to redlining to school to prison pipeline, to the infant mortality crisis fueled by systemic racism, this timely new series will take an active and hard-edged approach to chopping away at the roots of racism. The series focuses on REAL people with REAL problems, looking for REAL action. Through gritty reportage and true vérité moments, as well as raw emotional interviews, and rarely seen archival photos and footage, this series will offer invaluable insights and truly bring viewers along on O’Brien’s journey. In each episode of \”Disrupt & Dismantle,\” O’Brien will identify an issue within a particular community, then she will go out into the field and investigate. She’ll immerse herself in the community, identify the problems and the problematic people, then speak truth to power. And, she’ll continue to stir the pot until she not only gets the critical answers but also finds action items that the audience can look to put into motion in their own communities. In addition to extensive on the field interviews with O’Brien, the program features insights from activists, journalists, politicians and thought leaders.

Most Recent Episode: Disrupt & Dismantle Season 1 Episode 1: Shingle Mountain (Air Date: 2/21/2021)

Premiere Date: February 21, 2021
Casts: Soledad O'Brien
Air Time: 9:00 pm
Air Day: Sunday

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