Dear Doctor Im Coming for Soul

Alternate Titles: คุณหมอครับ ผมมารับวิญญาณคนไข้, คุณหมอฉันกำลังมา สำหรับจิตวิญญาณของคุณ, Khun Mo Khrap Phom Ma Rap Winyan Khon Khai, Khun Mo Chan Kamlang Ma Samrap Jit Winyan Khong Khun, Death vs Doctor, I’m Coming For Your Soul, I'm Coming For Your Soul, Dear Doctor, I’m Coming For Your Soul, Dear Doctor

Dear Doctor Im Coming for Soul
Prakan Pitakjiti is one of the most amazing surgeons in the hospital. He has a special gift which is the ability to see the angel of death. He called him Tua-Phee because he always shows up in the surgery room with a white ticket and it means that his patient won’t survive any longer. Tua-Phee becomes the person who Prakan want to meet the least because his presence means his failure to save people. However, faith brings them together as it turns out that Tua-Phee is living next-door. Dr. Prakan is a well-known surgeon dedicated to saving people’s lives. However, while he is trying to save lives he is constantly visited by the last person he could ever want to see. Death will show up every day trying to take the souls of the people that the doctor is trying to save. They work for completely opposing sides. One must collect the souls of the dead, the other must save lives before they reach that state. Is it possible to fall in love with the one thing you try to avoid, and how can the love story between death and a Doctor last?

Most Recent Episode: Dear Doctor Im Coming for Soul Season 1 Episode 12: Last Ticket (Air Date: 6/8/2022)

Premiere Date: March 23, 2022
Casts: Nutchapon Rattanamongkol, Kasidej Hongladaromp, Pat Chatburirak, Patsit Permpoonsavat, Pavadee Komchokpaisan, Weerapat Toemmaneerat, Singto Numchok
Air Time: 11:00 pm
Country: TH
Air Day: Wednesday
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[Official Trailer]Dear Doctor Im Coming for Soul | คุณหมอครับ ผมมารับวิญญาณคนไข้ | Studio Wabi Sabi

[Official Trailer]Dear Doctor I'm Coming for Soul | คุณหมอครับ ผมมารับวิญญาณคนไข้ | Studio Wabi Sabi

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