Crimes That Made History

Crimes That Made History
Sensational news stories of violent crimes, accidents and suicides act as intermittent reminders of how minor or major transgressions can wreck our lives. Each episode in this series revisits a fascinating page of our shared history, meticulously decoding and deconstructing a sensational news item that was unjustly disdained by historians and generally left to the sensationalist press. Crimes and bloody tales that made the headlines usually reveal a lot about the hidden fantasies of their time. From Jack the Ripper to the Andes crash, the ten episodes of this collection shed a black light on a page of history that left a mark on their time.

Most Recent Episode: Crimes That Made History Season 1 Episode 10: The Death of Princess Di (1997) (Air Date: 11/14/2017)

Premiere Date: September 12, 2017
Air Time: 12:00 am
Air Day: Tuesday

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