Craft in America

Craft in America
We have a deep sense of longing for the handmade. Perhaps because each of us, in our own way, has had a craft experience. Sometimes it's an object passed down to us, or one that crosses our path, and connects us to others in traditions, heritage, and rituals. Craft is all around us. You'll find it wherever you look hiding in plain sight. Craft in America offers you a place to explore these connections and to inspire your own creativity. Join us on this voyage of discovery. Explore the vitality, history and significance of the craft movement in the United States and its impact on our nation's rich cultural heritage. Capturing the beauty, creativity and originality of craftsmanship, the show highlights artists and explores the inter-relationship of what they do, how they do it and why they have chosen a life of creating art.

Most Recent Episode: Craft in America Season 15 Episode 2: Miniatures (Air Date: 12/29/2023)

Premiere Date: May 30, 2007
Air Time: 9:00 pm
Country: US
Air Day: Friday

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