Cook at All Costs

Cook at All Costs
Do luxury ingredients always make the best dishes? Or can humble items be transformed into a recipe for success? Hosted by chef and restaurateur Jordan Andino, Cook at All Costs is a cooking competition where skill meets strategy, as three home cooks put their money where their mouths are to bid on ingredients in a high-stakes, auction-packed cook off. With $25,000 in their banks, the home cooks will have to decide if they want to bid big for the best ingredients, save their money for the basics, or gamble on a surprise because in the end, the cook who best impresses our celebrity guest chef will win all the money left in their bank. Can the THRIFTY dish topple the PRICEY plate, or will the WILDCARD wow the guest judge for the win? This is Cook at All Costs! In this kitchen contest, home cooks bid on ingredients to create dishes that will impress celebrity guest judges — and win the cash left in their bank.

Most Recent Episode: Cook at All Costs Season 1 Episode 8: Best of Brunch (Air Date: 12/16/2022)

Premiere Date: December 16, 2022
Air Time: 12:00 am
Air Day: Friday
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