Clive Myries Italian Road Trip

Clive Myries Italian Road Trip
Clive's been going to Italy for over 30 years, but this series is the first chance he's had to stay longer and delve deeper. Travelling through cities, coast and countryside, Clive gets behind the scenes of Italian life: swapping health tips with locals in a hot spring in Lazio, to playing football in Florence, to taking to the stage to sing in a Capri nightclub.During the road trip, Clive travels to the eternal city of Rome, the slopes of Sicily's Mount Etna and Barga, the most Scottish town in Italy. He discovers what makes Italian food and drink so delicious, including the technique that's made Neapolitan pizza world famous, why some of the best Prosecco is harvested at full moon in the foothills of the Alps and why a volcano might be the best place to grow a tomato.Clive will also show viewers how some of the country's most iconic dishes and ingredients are made, as he makes Mozzarella in Amalfi, shapes tortellini in Bologna and prepares chocolate according to one of the world's oldest recipes in Sicily.

Most Recent Episode: Clive Myries Italian Road Trip Season 1 Episode 5: Capri (Air Date: 5/5/2023)

Premiere Date: May 1, 2023
Casts: Clive Myrie
Air Time: 6:30 pm
Air Day: Monday

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