Set in the near future, Cleverman focuses on a group of non-humans battling for survival in a world where humans’ inferiority complexes make us want to silence, exploit and kill them. It is also a story of two estranged Indigenous brothers who are forced together to fight for their own survival. In the near future, creatures from ancient Aboriginal mythology endowed with extraordinary physical traits have emerged and must coexist with humans. Known as 'Hairypeople' they battle for survival in a world that wants to exploit and destroy them. One young man – The Cleverman – struggles with his own power and the responsibility to unite this divided world, but he must first overcome a deep estrangement from his older brother.

Most Recent Episode: Cleverman Season 2 Episode 6: Borrowed Time (Air Date: 8/2/2017)

Premiere Date: June 1, 2016
Casts: Tasma Walton, Jada Alberts, Tamala Shelton, Hunter Page-Lochard, Iain Glen, Rob Collins, Frances O'Connor, Marcus Graham, Ryan Corr, Tysan Towney, Rarriwuy Hick, Andrew McFarlane, Deborah Mailman, Tony Briggs, Stef Dawson, Rachael Blake, Clarence Ryan, Luke Ford
Air Time: 12:00 am
Country: AU
Air Day: Wednesday
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Cleverman: critics spot

Cleverman: critics spot

CLEVERMAN | Official Trailer | SundanceTV

CLEVERMAN | Official Trailer | SundanceTV

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