Buckingham Palace with Alexander Armstrong

Buckingham Palace with Alexander Armstrong
Greed. Madness. Love. Tragedy Over the centuries, Buckingham Palace has witnessed it all. Now, Alexander Armstrong reveals the surprising stories hidden behind the walls of Britain's most iconic royal residence.With the help of JJ Chalmers and Raksha Dave, we uncover the scandals of the exclusive balls thrown by its first royal owners, King George III and Queen Charlotte and reveal how a party-loving prince almost caused the palace to be razed to the ground.We discover the dirty secrets of Queen Victoria's rat-infested living quarters and hear how heartbreak drove her to abandon the palace. We take cover from the Nazi bombs and relive the moment the palace came within 60 seconds of total destruction and we'll discover exactly how the original royal residents went to the loo.Throughout, an ever-changing CGI floorplan shows how the iconic building has been transformed across the centuries as a long line of monarchs have each made their mark.

Most Recent Episode: Buckingham Palace with Alexander Armstrong Season 1 Episode 6: Episode 6 (Air Date: 9/2/2023)

Premiere Date: July 29, 2023
Casts: Alexander Armstrong
Air Time: 9:15 pm
Air Day: Saturday

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