Body Invaders

Body Invaders
From aeroplane parts to engagement rings, cement to full cutlery sets, welcome to the truly astonishing world of items found inside the human body. This series chronicles the shocking accidents which left the most bizarre foreign objects ever to find themselves in the human body. Talking to the victims, those that were there at the scene and using CGI and x-rays this series recounts some of the most inexplicable, unexpected and simply astounding stories in modern medicine. Using testimony and reconstruction the series focuses on how these dangerous and bizarre objects found themselves in the body and why they were often inches away from being fatal. The first episode features a girl in Scotland, who never imagined that her normal walk to work would end with her impaled on a metal fence and a gardener who manages to stick his clipping shears into his own eye

Most Recent Episode: Body Invaders Season 1 Episode 4: (Air Date: 10/14/2012)

Premiere Date: September 23, 2012
Air Time: 5:00 PM
Air Day: Sunday

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