Betrayal: The Perfect Husband

Betrayal: The Perfect Husband
Jen Faison says she thought she had found her happy ending with her college sweetheart, a beloved high school teacher named Spencer Herron. However, their seemingly perfect life implodes one spring afternoon when Faison discovers that behind her fairytale romance was a web of lies, affairs and criminal sexual assault. The program features emotional interviews with multiple women who say they were involved with Herron and the one student who put an end to the twisted teacher's reign of sexual improprieties. This three-part series is a tale of earth-shattering discoveries, a victim's bravery, and a woman's quest to reclaim her life against all odds. This docuseries chronicle how one woman discovered that her husband, high school teacher Spencer Herron, was conducting a series of sexual assaults and improprieties amongst his teenage students.

Most Recent Episode: Betrayal: The Perfect Husband Season 1 Episode 3: Across the Line (Air Date: 7/11/2023)

Premiere Date: July 11, 2023
Air Time: 12:00 am
Country: US
Air Day:

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“Betrayal: The Perfect Husband” streams July 11 on Hulu

“Betrayal: The Perfect Husband” streams July 11 on Hulu

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