Australias Wild Odyssey

Australias Wild Odyssey
Follow the flow of water across the Australian continent to uncover the incredible connections that link all creatures on earth: from ants, to eagles to us.Over three dynamic episodes, this series sets out on a journey across the driest inhabited continent on earth – following the rain, rivers and underground aquifers as they transform and connect distant ecosystems. Each stop on the journey reveals a new piece of the ecological puzzle that connects organisms and ecosystems, creating a planet just right for us.An epic adventure across Australia's unique landscapes, and a love letter to the only planet we know that sustains life.

Most Recent Episode: Australias Wild Odyssey Season 1 Episode 3: TBA (Air Date: 2/7/2023)

Premiere Date: January 24, 2023
Casts: Deborah Mailman
Air Time: 8:30 pm
Air Day: Tuesday

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